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Dog Life Jackets

What family doesn't love to take their furry friend out for an adventure at the lake or the river? Dogs of all shapes and sizes can enjoy a fun romp in the rapids of a local river or the waves at the beach. But how safe are dogs in open water? Does your family take the pet out on a boat? It's national law that their must be a life jacket on a seafaring vessel for each soul aboard the ship. So regardless of your feelings about animals and souls, they have a life, and it is just as precious as a human's.

Dogs are domesticated animals. Descended from the mighty wolf, household dogs still hold some of their wilder traits. Perhaps one of their greatest traits is the doggy paddle. Dogs are natural swimmers. From big, rough Retrievers to the small, toy Chihuahuas, dogs all over the world are able to swim almost as soon as they can walk.

So why do our canine companions need life jackets? The same reason that any human who's been on a ship a hundred times needs one : just in case. Anything can happen, and of course it may be accidental. But the odds of your canine pal surviving an aquatic accident are improved by nearly five hundred percent when you've fitted them with a dog life jacket. Dog life jackets are carried by pet retailers all over the country, including PetCo, PetSmart, and even the specialty brand Ruffwear. These specialized dog life jackets are made just like a human's life vest. They fit around the dog's upper body, forelegs, and neck, and provide buoyancy in the water.

Many canines accompany their humans on massive outdoor excursions. Hikers, bikers, even rafters will have their furry friends racing alongside them. Professional outdoors-men know that they must be prepared. Survival is key. Any precautions that could be taken should be taken. This includes outfitting your fellow four-legged adventurer with a life vest. Even for the casual family outing to the park, a dog life jacket should be added to the household inventory. Smaller dogs may enjoy the water just as much as their larger brothers and sisters, but they are at a larger risk. Small dogs can go unnoticed in the water and quickly wind up out to sea or downstream.

Anything can happen in the water. The canine can injure himself, or be swept away under a powerful swell. If a dog is not equipped with a life jacket than there is very little chance the poor thing would survive, especially if he loses consciousness during such an unfortunate event. Dogs are not superheroes. Fatigue will get to them eventually. Many dogs will become accustomed to their life vest and relax in the water with it. In addition to providing a safety net in case of an accident, dog life jackets are brightly colored. If your canine pal is lost, the bright colors of his life jacket will aide in finding him later on.

Dogs are dependent creatures. They depend on their humans to provide them with the safety and comfort needed to enjoy themselves with their wonderful family. Animals cannot always protect themselves. The next time you want to go enjoy the great outdoors with your best friend, show him you truly care about his well being. Invest in a dog life jacket!